Contract & Project Management System

I am [employed by, an owner, Primary User, officer of] an authorized Individual User of the Primary User. Primary User has designated me as an Individual User of the automated document exchange system known as the Contract and Project Management System which is referred to in this Agreement as the "System."

In exchange for access to and use of the System, I hereby warrant and agree to the following:

1.I have read the User Agreement (Business Entity) between Primary User and SAWS concerning access to and use of the System. The User Agreement (Business Entity) is incorporated into this Agreement in full the same as if it had been set out verbatim herein.

2.I understand the Agreement and will comply with the terms of the Agreement.

    a.I will complete the training provided by SAWS;
    b.I will only use the System for authorized purposes under the Agreement in accordance with the Training provided and the operating procedures as promulgated by SAWS;
    c.I understand that any other use of the System not related to the Project is unauthorized and could result in immediate termination of access to the System.
    d.If I discover any security violations or unauthorized use of the System by anyone, I will immediately report the details to SAWS’ System Security Administrator; and
    e.I will protect and safeguard any information obtained through the use of the System in accordance with the applicable laws and ordinances and the terms of the contract for the Project. I will not divulge any information that is confidential by law except as may be permitted by law.
    f.Upon termination of my employment or other association with Vendor or if my access rights have been terminated by SAWS, I will immediately discontinue using the System and, upon request of the System Security Administrator, destroy, erase or otherwise remove any copy (in whatever form or format) of my former password. I will never allow any person other than the System Security Administrator to have access to or use my password.
    g.I understand that all communications with SAWS, in written and electronic form, may be subject to disclosure under local, state or federal law, and that I have no exception of privacy in any communication with SAWS.